My Solution to Not Miss A Prayer While Working on Computer

There are a lot of things you need to do each day. You need to make sure you finish your tasks in a timely manner. You are fully focused on your computer and don’t know what is happening around you.

You hear The Call and you know that it is the time. Your eyes are still on screen and you want to finish whatever you are doing before you go to talk with The Creator.

You think you can finish it in some minutes so you try to do it.

While working, you suddenly remember that you were supposed to do something. But no, it’s too late now and you can’t change the fact that you missed it, once again. You get a very sad feeling deep in your heart. You feel you are lost in this world.

The problem

This may not be a problem for many of you. It’s also not a problem for me now, I have improved. However, the solution to this problem is still helpful for me.

There are also situations where you just don’t hear The Call at all (may be your place is so much away from the mosque) or you are in a crowded or rushy environment (unable to hear).

Whatever the case is, the truth is that you are not awake enough to know that it is the time.

The problem is that you forget.

The solution

Since most of my time was spent in front of my computer screen, I turned my computer to the solution itself. In this era, we have apps for everything. First, I tried to find some good program which could notify me five times a day. I wanted to have a prayer reminder.

Most programs I could find online were only showing prayer times. Some of them were old, and very limited. There were also some Adhaan Alarms but still, I wanted to get reminded multiple times so that I don’t forget about it.

In last Ramadhan, I was able to write a simple application that would not only “notify” me but also “remind”.

I used Electron which is a cross-platform framework for building desktop apps with Javascript.

It works

It worked for me and I know It can work for many of you. Using this application, I set it to notify me in different intervals starting many minutes before the actual prayer time. This helped me to get ready and make my mind beforehand.

Try it

Prayer Times Desktop App

I have put the source code on github. You can grab the ready to run program for your OS by clicking here. You can make it sit in the background and it will help you whenever the time comes.

Written on October 1, 2017