Browser Extension To Replace Ducks - What The Duck

Too many ducks? Let’s replace them to make the web a better place for duck lovers.

What The Duck - Replace f word with duck

It was a simple day when I was working on a browser extension. On twitter, I saw someone tweeting about the idea of seeing “duck” everywhere on the internet instead of the F word. YES, why not. That will be fun.

Seeing the internet full of ducks will be fun, I thought. I started building the browser extension for doing this. The extension will replace every instance of the F word with duck. So now, you all can enjoy an internet full of ducks.

What The Duck

So, I created this cross-browser extension in some hours. There are similar extensions which remove or replace some words / content from the internet (examples: Make America Kittens Again and Trump Filter).


Simple extension, simple features.

  • Replace all instances of the F word
  • You can exclude various sites
  • Shows the count of ducks found on page


If you want to manually install the extension, the instructions are on GitHub.

Open Sourced

The code is open-sourced at github (

On a side-note, don’t forget that you have actually installed an extension which is responsible for most of the “ducks” you see. I actually forgot myself and started thinking why everyone is using the word “duck” (it was in the comments section of an anime episode).

Written on December 3, 2017